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European Network for Durable Reinforcement and Rehabilitation Solutions

Contract Number: MC-ITN-2013-607851


Overview Empa is an interdisciplinary research and services institution for material sciences and technology development in Switzerland within the ETH Domain. The structural engineering research laboratory at Empa does research for a higher level of safety and security in civil engineering structures. Through the application of modern materials and technologies, new solutions in vibration mitigation, structural health monitoring and retrofitting are acquired.
People Prof. Dr. Masoud Motavalli is an Assistant Professor at the University of Tehran, lecturer at the ETH Zurich in Switzerland and head of the structural engineering research laboratory with more than twenty years of experience in research. He supervised several PhD and master students.
Dr. Christoph Czaderski is a senior researcher and project leader. He his expert in strengthening of reinforced concrete with FRP's with fifteen years of experience.
Dr. Julien Michels is a researcher with three year experience in the field of retrofitting.
Key Research Activities

The testing hall with its multiple functionalities and the strong floor with dimensions of 12 x 40.8m are the important corner stones of Empa's testing and research activities as well as several of the newest measurement systems such as a full field image correlation measurement.