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European Network for Durable Reinforcement and Rehabilitation Solutions

Contract Number: MC-ITN-2013-607851

Dr Juan Manuel Gallego

Influence of temperature on the bond of prestressed and unstressed CFRP strips glued on concrete structures


Juan Manuel is an Experienced Researcher at Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology in Switzerland. The subject of his research project is related to externally bonded CFRP reinforcement in bridge construction. Juan Manuel obtained his PhD in 2014 in the Structural Engineering Group at the Technical University of Madrid (Madrid, Spain) thanks to his study concerning the shear fatigue behaviour of reinforced concrete elements without stirrups. He also completed a 6-year Diploma in Civil Engineering in 2010 in the same institution. Besides, during his PhD he developed a research stage in the group IBETON at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Lausanne, Switzerland).

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Michał Staśkiewicz

Rapid Repair Structural Adhesive Tape

Michal is an Experienced Researcher at NetComposites Ltd in Chesterfield, UK. Michal graduated in Civil Engineering from Lodz University of Technology in Poland. He gained his scientific experience working on Polish-Swiss Research Program “Innovative Structural Health Monitoring in Civil Engineering Infrastructure Sustainability” carried out by EMPA Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology and Lodz University of Technology, focusing on strengthening of post-tensioned bridge girders with CFRP composites. His current research aims at developing thermal-shrinking fibres added to concrete mixture to obtain unidirectional compression (confinement) of concrete elements.

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Honeyeh Ramezansefat

Research Project

Honeyeh Ramezansefat is an Experienced Researcher at University of Minho in Portugal. Her research concerns about developing models to predict the behavior of unstrengthened and strengthened RC structures using composite materials, subjected simultaneously to flexural, shear and torsional loads, with the aim of mainly focusing on simulating the behavior of RC bridges of caisson type cross section. She obtained her Ph.D. in 2015 at the faculty of Civil and Environment Engineering of Tarbiat Modares University in Iran, in the field of Civil Engineering-Earthquake Engineering. The subject of her Ph.D. thesis was related to improve a plasticity model for simulating the behavior of ductile materials subjected to cyclic loading.

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