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endure Meeting - Padua IT

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endure meeting - Padua IT



Shear strength and size effect in FRP RC beams
Szymon Cholostiakow | The University of Sheffield

FRP flexural strengthening of concrete beams at room and high temperature
Alessandro Proia | The University of Ghent

Shear Strengthening of continuous RC T-beams using deep embedment technique
Vesna Raicic | University of Bath

Bond of FRP rebars in FRC
Sandor Solyom | The University of Budapest

Strengthening of RC walls with openings
Cristian Sabau | Luleå University of Technology

Bond Behaviour of NSM FRP and Concrete under Sustained Load
Mohamed Emara | University of Girona

Experimental Shear Behaviour of RC Beams Strengthened with FRCM composites
Jaime Gonzalez-Libreros | Università degli Studi di Padova

Fatigue Behaviour of FRP Reinforced Concrete Structural Elements
Ana Veljkovic | Politecnico di Milano

Thin, Energy-efficient Pre-fabricated FRP RC elements
Marcin Haffke | Technische Universitaet Kaiserslautern

Use of NSM for torsional strengthening of thin walled tubular RC structures
Chandan Gowda | The University of Minho

Long and short term behavior of FRP materials used to strengthen concrete
Talgat Tuledinov | Latvia University Institute of Polymer Mechanics

Influence of elevated temperature on the behaviour of RC slabs strengthened with prestressed and non-prestressed EB CFRP strips
Juan Manuel Gallego | EMPA

Thermoplastic CFRP tape for rapid structural strengthening and repair of concrete structures
Michal Staskiewicz | NetComposites

Shear Strengthening of existing RC beams with Textile-Based Composite Materials
Zoi Tetta | The University of Patras